Managing Users in a Room

Rooms have 3 kinds of users:

Adding a User

When you add a user to a room, they will have access to the room content. The level of access will depend on the permissions you give them.

To add someone:

Manage Users button
Add support worker button

Removing a User

Removing a user from a room takes away their access but does not completely delete the user’s account. This way if they also have access to other areas of the system, only this room is affected.

Manage Users button
User Actions button

User Permissions

A user’s permissions in a room say what they can and can’t do with that room. The vast majority of users will just be trainees, able to do the training but not change it.

To change a user’s permissions in a room:

Manage Users button
User Actions button
Broad User Permissions

If you select “Room Admin” you’ll be asked to individually select which privileges this admin user should hold.

Admin User Permissions

The room admin rights are: