Administering Service Providers

A “service provider” in Diamond Point Training is a set of users who belong to a specific company or other group, who can be added to training rooms in bulk. Administrators of a service provider may edit:

If a service provider is in a training room, adding or removing people from the service provider will add/remove them from the training room.

View Your Service Providers

Any service providers you are part of will be listed under the rooms you can access, for example:

Service Provider List

Click the button to see more about a given service provider:

Service Provider Page

The “edit” buttons only appear for administrators of a service provider or higher levels of administrator.

Edit Attributes

Use this button to edit the name, logo or description of your service provider. This is not needed often: just during setup and if details of your company change.

Edit Users

This adds an “Actions” button beside each user, and an “Add Support Worker” button at the end of the list.

To add new staff:

To remove staff:

Support Worker Actions

To make someone an admin:

To remove admin status: